About Us

Rivo Leather & Fur was founded in 2001 as a strong affiliate with the target of meeting the "high-quality manufacturing standards" need of the industry. In a short span of time, it has become one of the industry leaders thanks to its success in creating its own brand as well as providing the other prestigious brands, for which it produces, with a service to European standards through its high production power and professional approaches since the first day it joined the industry.

In order to improve its manufacturing skills in leather and fur products and offer its customers almost perfect results, our company works with the most professional and best qualified team in the industry. In addition to all these, our company that reinforces its high income from store sales with tannery investments uses top grade materials in the production of all our leather and fur products. Our company that works in compliance with the universal standards required for production has all international export conformity certificates required with regard to manufacturing and working conditions. In order to increase and improve this competence, we update the technologies we use, and adopt a completely "quality-oriented" mode of operation.

Besides, Rivo Design team increases our brand value through the original and innovative designs it creates every year, and continues to be an inspiration to its peers through premium collections it puts on the market.

Our company continues to offer you, our valuable customers, fast, problem-free and effective solutions through its professional approaches and the cooperation of its solution partners who support this motivation and a quality understanding based on "first class workmanship" principles.