The manufacturing department is the department where the materials to be sewn proceeding under incessant check within planning and work flow under the control of a professional production manager are sewn on state-of-the-art machines by qualified craftsmen. This stage also includes the handicraft division that requires finesse and artisanship.



The handicraft masters are elected from among the people who are specialists and experienced in their own fields. The production department always uses top grade and certified materials. The purchasing department checks all accessories and materials used in manufacturing, and works with the suppliers whose quality has been approved. Thus, it is aimed to ensure that the completed models are long-lasting and capable of maintaining their quality even under hard conditions.



Each stage of production goes on with such rigor and care; even during sampling, the Design team prepares a preliminary sample to run over and fit on the model. If the measurements fit and the desired quality is achieved, the approval is given for production.